Have you thought about using a worm farm to recycle your household vegetable scraps?

You can also use a worm farm to recycle your pet manures.

Great fertilizer for your garden and it is pH neutral.


Worm Affair is a national wholesaler and distributor of live worms, worm farms (or factories), and allied products associated with the composting and recycling industry.

Products available:

· Worm Affair Booster Box—500 live worms

· Worm Affair Starter Pack—1000 live worms

· Reln Worm Factories and Can-O-Worms

· Reln Compost Mates

· Garden Wise Worm Farms

· Garden Wise Compost Bins






Mailing Address:

PO Box 272

Midland  WA  6936

To contact us:

Phone: 1300 555 539

Fax: 08 9574 6588

Email: wormaffair@bigpond.com